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Goodbye to 3rd party food ordering shopping carts
Meet the All-inclusive Online Fast Food Ordering System

Built to work on any device for your restaurant.

Fast Food Ordering / Mood to Eat is an online restaurant ordering system that works and fits on all web enabled devices. It is both a website and an ordering system that thrived during the pandemic accommodating restaurants who did not have online ordering to serve their clients.

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Are you looking to build a restaurant Website?

Fast Food Ordering can build your restaurant point of sale website in less than a month.

Do you want an online Point of Sale?

Fast Food Ordering is an online point of sale software, Mobile app, and a website at the same time.

Need an ordering application for cellphone users.

Fast Food Ordering is a mobile friendly website, designed to work with iPhone, tablets & Android operating phones and devices.

Collect Sales payouts the next day from bank.

Fast Food Ordering is fully integrated with known payment gateways companies such as Stripe, PayPal and Authorize.

Want to support multiple Delivery & Pickup Options.

Fast Food Ordering online system supports Pickup, Delivery or both.

Loyalty Programs.

Fast Food Ordering System website will support loyalty programs, and rewards systems.

Do not want to deal with sales commissions

Our system charges a fix fee per transaction to your client as a convenience fee.

Promo Codes.

We support promo codes based on minimum purchase or any order's total

If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions then click here to learn how it all works.

All Inclusive Website

One website with a content management system (CMS), Custom made, along with a  a full ordering system and client rewards / loyalty program that you can control. 

Easy Content Management CMS

Full Content Management System (CMS) where you add / edit the online content, Food menus and  schedules all the way through dish prices, categories, images and modifiers

Flexible Setup

The way you run your business may change, or prices and how you present your menu may change, the website is flexible and adopts to these changes and keeps running.


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Sister Projects, Different Names.

Fast Food Ordering System is branch of Mood To Eat Website customized for a single restaurant.

Mood To Eat is another affiliated project with the same back end engine for (B2B).

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