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A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

The Food Ordering System is made simple and easy for users to order their food and checkout easily. Below are screenshots of the complete process.

1- Start Online Order From Home Page

2- Select Order Date / Time [ Try Normal ]

When hungry System will not ask user to select Date and Time, it will assume user needs food ASAP

3- Choose order from available menus

4- Select Modifiers for selected dish and add extra remarks for the chef on each selected dish

5- Checkout Screen

6- Pay With Credit Card

7- Get Receipt & Order Details In an Email


IVO Inc.
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Lisle, IL 60532
P: (630) 229-9299

Sister Projects, Different Names.

Fast Food Ordering System is branch of Mood To Eat Website customized for a single restaurant.

Mood To Eat is another affiliated project with the same back end engine for (B2B).

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